Missing Mother

Releasing the Pain of Childhood Abandonment, Neglect, and Rejection


Was your mother absent early in your life because of illness, death, or emotional unavailability? Did you experience early childhood rejection, neglect or (emotional) abandonment by your mother (or your father)?

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Do you often feel lost, out of place, and unsafe in this world?

♥ Is there a profound sadness in your life, even if nothing is wrong?

♥ Do you tend to feel lonely, especially at “Happy Family” gatherings?

♥ Do you have major abandonment or anger issues?

♥ Are you trying too hard to be happy and “perfect”?

If you answer most of the above questions with yes, you could suffer from “Missing Mother Syndrome“.

Please read the DISCLAIMER before exploring this website.


Hello, my name is Carna Zacharias-Miller. I am a certified advanced EFT practitioner (since 2004) and a certified EFT Master Practitioner (Silvia Hartmann). I work with people who grew up in incomplete or dysfunctional families and want to feel better about themselves and their lives.

I know what you are going through: I grew up with a missing mother myself. However, this site is not a place to share or analyze pain; instead, I facilitate going beyond the deep wounds of the past that keep women and men who experienced childhood rejection or abandonment by their mothers from living a fulfilled life in the present.

►Do you want to heal your heart?

►Are you longing for peace of mind and emotional balance in your life?

►Would you like to let go of haunting memories?

►Are you envisioning better relationships and doing the work you love?

Start here, start now to release the emotional stress that keeps you locked in the painful past.

My primary tool for overcoming childhood pains is called EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), also called “tapping” which is a form of mindful acupressure. If you don’t have a clue what EFT is, I will teach you the basics within ten minutes. It helps release many negative emotions fast, no matter how old they are. Sessions can easily be done over the phone. I have worked with hundreds of clients for the last fifteen years.

 What is EFT?

Using EFT (“tapping”) can help:

  • Gain awareness where your present, often chronic emotional discomfort comes from
  • Experience overall emotional, and often physical relief
  • Get new, sometimes astonishing insights
  • Develop your spiritual understanding, discover the deeper meaning of your challenges
  • Feel better about yourself, more compassionate, more “worthy”
  • Improve your relationships in the present
  • Change your attraction point for future experiences
  • Take inspired action in your work life
  • Solve long-standing problems
  • Release haunting childhood and other memories
  • Feel overall lighter, happier and more peaceful

Please e-mail me for a free consultation.

E-mail: carnazm@msn.com in Tucson, Arizona


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Sacred Quest for Love: The Way of the Ugly Duckling
A reflection on the spiritual meaning of this fairy tale

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“With a combination of spiritual awareness and common sense, Carna weaves the story of The Ugly Duckling into one of joy and self-acceptance. I definitely see me in the ugly duckling and me in the duckling’s deliverance. I highly recommend this book to all searchers.” Marsha Sheiness


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