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Releasing the Pain of Childhood Abandonment, Neglect, and Rejection

Do You Feel Invisible? Tap On It Now

Do you often feel invisible or not heard in social situations? EFT helps to ease the pain and releases old emotional baggage. Here is a script to get going.

 You are probably familiar with situations like these:

– You post something smart and thoughtful to one of your social networks, and nobody responds – while somebody else posts something silly or trivial, and droves of enthusiastic people jump in: "This is so cool! Love it! You are a genius!"
– You enter a crowded room (like a party), and nobody notices you. The moment you muster the courage and start talking to somebody, they don't see you and turn to the waiter instead.
– You are listening to an interesting conversation and want to contribute something meaningful. The moment you speak up, somebody else says something, and everybody turns to that person.

Painful, embarrassing, humiliating, isn't it.
Being invisible to other people, not having a voice can be devastating – especially if it is the theme of your life. Old, intense childhood pain comes up, memories of parents who would not pay attention to the little girl or boy.

Now, when you are grown up and feel invisible (without a voice), that means two things: 

1. You are re-enacting childhood scenarios, like growing up with  rejection or abandonment  by your mother, or an absent father
2. You are literally on a different vibrational level than the people around you. For example: If you are a hypersensitive introvert, you will not do well with a crowd of frolicking six-pack Joes and Janes. Does that mean that there is something wrong with you? Not in the least (nothing wrong with the happy crowd either). Your vibrations just don't match.

Keep going. You will find what you are looking for. Nobody is cut off in our world; it is energetically impossible. 

Here is an EFT tapping script for the many of you who feel invisible and unheard: 

 Even though I am invisible to the people around me,
I deeply and completely accept all of me

Even though I don't have a voice that people want to hear,
I accept every part of me

Even though I don't count and that hurts so much,
I honor all of my feelings

EYEBROW: I am invisible
SIDE OF EYE: Nobody sees me
UNDER EYE: I don't count, I have no voice
NOSE: I am not important
CHIN: I don't fit in anywhere
COLLARBONE: Left out, cast aside 
UNDER ARM: Nobody wants to hear what I have to say
TOP OF HEAD: And it hurts so much

EYEBROW: I feel worthless
SIDE OF EYE: Of no value
UNDER EYE: Nobody wants what I have to offer
NOSE: This shame
CHIN: This humiliation
COLLARBONE: This pain in my heart
UNDER ARM: Whatever I do, they don't see me
TOP OF HEAD: This deep, old pain

EYEBROW: This is how I feel
SIDE OF EYE: I am willing to treat myself with kindness
UNDER EYE: I choose to honor and respect myself
NOSE: I am open to change now
CHIN: I allow myself to find people who appreciate me
COLLARBONE: The truth is that I am always free to be me
UNDER ARM: I give myself permission to express myself
TOP OF HEAD: I am ready for this to heal now

Take a deep breath.  

© 2010 Carna Zacharias-Miller