Missing Mother

Releasing the Pain of Childhood Abandonment, Neglect, and Rejection

EFT For Feeling Not Good Enough

Men and women who had an absent father or a missing mother (physically or emotionally) in their childhood, often feel not good enough. EFT protocol for tapping on “I am not good enough”. Continue working on your personal memories, emotions, and body sensations.

Even though I never feel good enough,
I deeply and completely love and accept myself

Even though I try so hard to be good, but it just doesn’t work,
I deeply and completely love and  forgive myself

Even though there is always something wrong with me,
I honor and accept every part of me

Eyebrow: Whatever I do, it’s not good enough
Side of eye: Never good enough
Under eye: I am not worthy
Nose: If I am not perfect, nobody will love me
Chin: I work hard to get it just right
Collarbone: But it’s never enough
Under arm: I am completely exhausted
Top of head: It’s an uphill battle, all the time

Eyebrow: It’s so easy for other people
Side of eye: But I don’t have a chance
Under eye: I don’t deserve to feel good about myself
Nose: My father (mother) didn’t think I was worth it
Chin: This pain in my heart
Collarbone: Maybe they were right
Under arm: There must be something wrong with me
Top of head: This desperation


Even though a part of me still does not feel good enough,
I choose to listen to the wiser part of me

Even though I am sick and tired of this constant struggle,
I choose to relax now, and it is surprisingly easy

Even though I still have this compulsion to be perfect in order to be loved, I am letting go of my need to control everything

Eyebrow: I give myself permission to enjoy my life
Side of eye: I focus on my accomplishments every day
Under eye: I allow myself to relax and just be
Nose: The time for healing is now
Chin: I am perfect just the way I am
Collarbone: Love has nothing to do with being the best
Under arm: Love just is
Top of the head: I allow myself to do it my way

Eyebrow: I find a way that truly works for me
Side of eye: My life is joyful and serene
Under eye: The truth is, I am adorable!
Nose: I am free to be me
Chin: I feel safe and relaxed with other people
Collarbone: I feel deeply appreciated by Spirit
Under arm: I trust the flow of life
Top of the head: I choose to let my light shine now