Missing Mother

Releasing the Pain of Childhood Abandonment, Neglect, and Rejection

Imagine Feeling Better Right Now


Meadows are old, undisturbed areas that harbor a great diversity of native plants and animals. It is the perfect place to relax. Just imagine one as your personal place of emotional wellness.

A sea of golden-green grass, punctuated by splashes of yellow, blue, red, and purple wildflowers. Dreamy dances of butterflies, the lazy hum of bees, a chirp. The scent of sun-warmed earth.

Just the thought makes us smile. There is something about a meadow that delights the inner child and reminds us that there is still innocence, natural beauty, and belonging in this world.

Meadows are old, undisturbed areas that harbor a great diversity of native plants and animals. A meadow has an architecture of its own, it consists of several layers. It is about abundance, natural growth, permanent renewal, and diversity. Everything has its place and function in a meadow: the butterflies, the dragonflies, the spiders, the caterpillars, the ants, the earthworms, the beetles, the mice, rabbits, deer, and foxes…

Thus a meadow symbolizes the basic idea of community: Many different beings live together, not always in peace, but in balance and natural harmony. It is a place where all beings are included, appreciated, and productive.


It is a bright, warm summer day, and you are taking a walk across a meadow. Run your hands through the high grasses quivering in a breeze. Look out for the colorful splashes of buttercups, poppies, daisies, and cornflowers. Listen to the symphony of sounds: The humming of bees, the chirping of grasshoppers, the songs of birds. Inhale the fine scent of herbs like sage and red clover. Feel the sunshine on your bare skin.

Now place a blanket on the ground and do whatever you need to make yourself comfortable. Then relax. Let all thoughts go. You are in a safe place. You belong. You are happy.