Missing Mother

Releasing the Pain of Childhood Abandonment, Neglect, and Rejection

Overcoming an Obstacle

Using creative imagination is a powerful tool for stress relief. Regain inner balance and emotional wellness by going to your “inner spa” and removing obstacles and barriers to your goals.
Make yourself comfortable. Close your eyes and go into deep relaxation.When you are ready, imagine a golden castle somewhere in the distance. This dazzling, glowing building is your vision, your goal, or your heartfelt wish, and just looking at it fills you with serenity and anticipation. Now start walking towards this castle – it is your burning desire to reach and enter it as soon as possible.But there is a barrier, an obstacle.What does it look like? Is it a wall, a fence, or something else? You may not see anything but suddenly feel an invisible resistance, like
an energy field or an electronic grid.When you have identified the obstacle, start working with it in a symbolic way. For example; if it is a wall, imagine getting a piece of heavy equipment in to tear the wall down. If it is a field of energy, try to pierce it with a word, a song, or some electronic device that switches it off. Do what comes to mind, however weird it might seem.

In addition, you can tap (do EFT) on the obstacle itself, your emotions about it, and the body sensations that are coming up.Work with this until you get the distinct feeling that you have overcome the obstruction.