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Releasing the Pain of Childhood Abandonment, Neglect, and Rejection

Traumatized by Bliss!

Have you ever been hurt by a positive event? I know that sounds strange. Let me explain…

A positive, blissfull event that happened in the past can be as detrimental as a traumatic event  – if you are stuck in it. Silvia Hartmann calls these frozen memories  “Guiding Stars”.

Here is an example.You were a teenager, and you experienced your first kiss. The scene: You and the boy you have been dreaming about for a long time are standing on a pristine beach at full moon, and you feel completely embraced, loved and enchanted like never before. He was like an angel come to earth.

Now, this scene in itself is just a beautiful memory. Nothing wrong with it. What makes it a Guiding Star are the conclusions you might have drawn from it. Like these:

I will never ever find perfect love like that again
If a man is not an angel, I cannot love him
Spirituality and romantic love are the same.

You see where the problem is? Can you imagine if you grow up with “post-hypnotic suggestions” like that how your love life will be? Not easy…

I once had a client who was very health-conscious, especially with her diet. There was only one thing: She ate way too much popcorn. Buckets full of it! At some point, we dug up the Guiding Star behind it: The only time her father used to spend one-on one time with his little girl was on Friday nights when the two of them were watching a movie and eating – you guessed what.

I am challenging you to search for Guiding Stars in your life. Many of them will have happened in your childhood. Pay attention to the “stuckness”, the conclusions that influenced your life. Take the memory apart, tap (do EFT) on those conclusions until they change.