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Doing EFT on Your Own Effectively

Every EFT practitioner has repeatedly heard something like this: “It goes so well when I work with somebody else. But when I try to tap on my own, I just don’t know what to do and to say.”

Here is a great article called Practicing Presence by my friend and colleague, Jade Barbee: He walks you through a highly structured 5 step process that helps you connect to your feelings in a meaningful way.

EFT article 

There is also a longer version, his EFT Workbook that includes audios and community support. For information about that go here

Don’t forget: There are no Magical Words for doing EFT: It always, always is about what you feel and believe, and it does not matter how you express it (sometimes a heartfelt sigh or whimper will do, and you definitely can use language your dear old aunt would not approve of).

P.S. By the way, whenever I endorse a service or product, I am not affiliated with it financially – I just believe in its quality.