Missing Mother

Releasing the Pain of Childhood Abandonment, Neglect, and Rejection

How to De-stress Quickly with EFT

There are days when your back hurts, the cat throws up in your bed, the car battery dies, your boss is way too bossy, and your emotionally missing mother tells you coldly to get over your childhood sexual abuse. Or something like that. Days when you are stressed out to the max and really, really don’t want to tap on all the issues that overwhelm you.

You don’t have to. There is an easier way. How is this: You don’t get into a single issue while¬†feeling better in a very short time. Not perfect, not happy-happy, but better. There are days when that is all we ask for.

Remember that EFT is an energy modality, means it works with the subtle energies in your body. When you are stressed out, no matter what the cause, the energy in your body is blocked. So all you have to do is unblock the energy, let it move and flow again, and you will feel better.

You can do that with whatever phrases you like to use. Just to get you started, here are some of my favorites:

Even though I am completely overwhelmed and stressed out,
that is what I feel…this is where I am at…I accept myself anyway…

Then tap through the points:

I improve the flow of energy in my body
I allow myself to relax just a little bit
I treat myself with kindness and compassion
I soothe and comfort myself
I harmonize the energy in my body
It’s only energy!
Soften and flow
Soften and flow
Soften and flow
I restore the free flow of energy in my whole body
I choose to be balanced and centered

And I let it be easy.

Breathe deeply and tap until you feel better. Just get to the big issues when you are up to it, and shrug the small stuff off. (And you have to admit that the thing with your cat was actually kind of cute…).