Missing Mother

Releasing the Pain of Childhood Abandonment, Neglect, and Rejection

Are You Always Trying Too Hard?

If your mother (or father) did not approve of you, criticized you all the time, and generally did not appreciate you for who you are, you tend to try too hard to get it right for the rest of your life. You have a need to be perfect even if it doesn’t matter, you are afraid of making mistakes, and you want to get everything exactly the way it “should” be.  And so you push, agonize, over- think, and force yourself on a daily basis.

This leaves you exhausted, frustrated, and hopeless since it usually does not do the job. Actually, trying too hard often blocks you from getting what you want, like trying too hard to be loved.

Here is a little EFT script that gets you started on releasing this counter-productive attitude.

Even though I am always trying too hard, that is where I’m at
Even though I am angry and exhausted from trying too hard, that is what I feel
Even though whatever I do is not good enough, I am willing to accept myself anyway

Now start tapping and move from point to point with each phrase. Do as many rounds as you like to release this issue.

I am trying so hard, all the time
I am always trying to get it right
It’s never good enough
I am never good enough
They will judge me no matter what
What is it with me!
I should not make mistakes
I should get everything right
It’s all my fault
I am completely exhausted
My energy is depleted
Nobody cares about me
I can’t go on like this any longer
It’s impossible to please my mother (my father)
This frustration
This despair
Other people have it easy, I don’t
This anger
So disappointed in myself

I let all this tension go and allow myself to relax NOW
All is well

Take a deep breath….Continue working with feelings, body sensations, phrases, or memories that came up during the tapping.