Missing Mother

Releasing the Pain of Childhood Abandonment, Neglect, and Rejection

When Money & Love Are Related

Have you noticed how similar our language patterns are when we talk about the lack of money – and love? Always a struggle…never getting what I want and need…not worthy…this yearning…

Maybe it is time to connect the two and tap on this painful “not enough” feeling. Doing EFT, you might discover some connections you have never thought of. Memories can pop up, body sensations might get your attention, or strong emotions like deep hurt and anger shine a bright light on the real issue that is hiding behind the lack of money, like an emotionally missing mother, an absent father, or sibling conflicts.

Here are some tapping phrases to get you started:

Even though, there is never enough money or love in my life,
that is where I’m at

Even though it’s always a struggle to get enough money and love,
I improve the free flow of energy in my body.

Even though a part of me believes that I don’t deserve to have more money, I choose to listen to the wiser part of me

Never enough money
It’s always a struggle
It’s so difficult to receive money
I have to work hard to make enough money
Maybe I don’t deserve money
I am not worth it
I am angry at money
I am always running out of money

I don’t feel cared for and supported
This yearning for love and money
I never get what I need and want
Never enough love, never enough money
I feel deprived of appreciation and money
Money is scary, I’m afraid of it
Love is scary, it can hurt me
This constant deprivation

Maybe I don’t deserve love and money
This humiliating need for love and money
This feeling of shame around love and money
Always deprived of love and money
Nobody cares about me
Nobody gives me what I need
Out of money, out of love
It feels so hopeless

I choose to move forward now
I reclaim my sense of trust and safety now
Loving is surprisingly easy
I am aligned with my vision of love and my financial success
I am letting go of all that old love and money pain
I feel relaxed and confident
I feel safe and serene now
I trust the flow of life

Take a deep breath.