Missing Mother

Releasing the Pain of Childhood Abandonment, Neglect, and Rejection

Getting Down to Business with EFT

Everybody who has put much energy, time, and resources into the business of their dreams and cannot make it work financially knows how extremely frustrating and scary that can be. And everybody who is stuck in an underpaid, boring job is bound to experience negative feelings on a daily basis. Not to mention the stress of being unable to get paid work at all.

Time to do something about it. The first thing to realize is the fact that all your painful emotions are not “just” about your professional situation. If you take this seriously, you have to go beyond pointing the finger at “the economy” or your jerk of a boss. Start at the surface (what am I feeling right now, including body sensations), and then go deeper. Do you see certain patterns that go through your work life, like quitting too soon or arguing too much? How about your general self-esteem, fear of being visible, or inability to take criticism? Where do these patterns come from?

Abandonment and rejection by your mother or an absent father can play into all these patterns and scary emotions, and it takes some guts to uncover them and commit to change.

This EFT script will get you started on your professional healing journey. From there on, follow the trail of your memories, feelings, and, yes, yes, yes, positive shifts. See you at Starbucks, the Apple Store, or an eco-friendly trip around the world.

Karate Chop:

Even though I am stuck, and there is no way out,
this is what I feel.

Even though I am overwhelmed and confused,
I treat myself with kindness and compassion.

Even though I feel scared, angry, and hopeless,
I soothe and comfort myself.

Eyebrow:   I am stuck with my business (job situation)
Side of eye:   I don’t know where to turn
Under eye:    I don’t know what to do
Nose:    There is no way out
Chin:    I am overwhelmed with this situation
Collarbone:    I have no idea what I am supposed to do
Under arm:    It’s so scary
Top of head:   I am angry at everybody including myself

Eyebrow:   I have been trying so hard
Side of eye:   I can’t (don’t want to) do it anyway
Under eye:   I am all alone in this
Nose:   There is nobody around to support me
Chin:    It’s such a struggle
Collarbone:    That’s it, there is no solution
Under arm:    It’s pointless
Top of head:    This fear, this anger, this hopelessness

Take a deep breath.

Eyebrow:    I am dissolving and overcoming my barrier to success now
Side of eye:    This barrier
Under eye:    This obstacle
Nose:    I find creative ways to get this barrier out of the way now
Chin: I transform this barrier into a steppingstone towards my success
Collarbone:    I allow myself to melt resistance away
Under arm:    I reclaim my sense of power
Top of head:    I am stepping into my personal power now

Eyebrow:    I allow myself to relax
Side of eye:    I choose to let go of all my tension
Under eye:   I am turning this whole mess over to (Divine Spirit)
Nose:    I receive valuable soul guidance now
Chin:    I trust the wisdom within
Collarbone:    It is easy, it is natural
Under arm:    I know that all my problems are already solved
Top of the head:    I am guided and cared for – always