Missing Mother

Releasing the Pain of Childhood Abandonment, Neglect, and Rejection

Happy Mother’s Day (kind of)

Here it comes again: Mother’s Day. For seemingly everybody a day of flowers, gifts, cards, hugs, shared meals, phone calls, tears, smiles…However, for many of us not a happy day. I have to admit, with all the profound EFT work I have done on my own missing mother, this day gets to me, year after year. There is no mother. There never has been a mother for me. And I don’t have children.

I have tried it all: Ignoring this special day completely, getting extra busy with other stuff, and, of course, tapping. Yeah, it helps a little bit, but not really. ┬áSo now this dreaded day is upon me again. And if I see one more jewelry or flower commercial on TV…!

Then a friend and colleague of mine (who has a loving mother and is the mother of six children, for crying out loud) had an idea. She said: “Make it Sister’s Day”. Okaaay. I have a half sister but we are not close.

She explained it to me: This is not about your biological sisters (although if you happen to have one you cherish, by all means include her). This is about Soul Sisters. It is about all the women in your life you feel connected to, appreciate, love, have fun with, admire and just could not do without. Yes! That made immediate sense to me. I am fortunate enough to have many of those in my life (dare I include my clients?)

And so, to all of you whose hearts ache for whatever reason when they think of Mother’s Day: Happy Soul Sister’s Day!