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How to Find Your Power Animal

This is not for everybody. However, if you resonate with the concept go ahead and play with it.

Power Animals are spirit animals that protect, teach and guide us in our everyday lives. All cultures are familiar with this concept, although we usually connect it with Shamanism. If you are up to it, I recommend that you let yourself be found by one (you didn’t think that you would pick it, did you).

Now, let’s make one thing clear: Your pet or your favorite stuffed toy is not your power animal. So if you are a passionate dog lover –  DOG is not your power animal. It rather is an animal that you usually don’t think about, or even don’t like that much. This is because we get our true power from a much deeper, unconscious place than our conscious likes and dislikes.

Another important information: The spiritual power of all power animals is equal. That means, a bee or a frog have exactly the same amount of power as a whale or an elephant. Not the same kind, but the same amount.

As I already mentioned, you don’t choose a power animal, it chooses you. There are many ways to put yourself into a position to connect with it, but the following technique works well. (By the way, you can have more than one power animal, and they sometimes change over a lifetime, but that is advanced stuff. Let’s stay with the basics.)

How to find your magical power animal
Find a quiet place and make yourself comfortable. Close your eyes and take several deep breaths. When you are relaxed and ready, imagine a forest. It can be any kind of forest you are familiar with or that comes to mind.

Imagine walking on a path through this forest. Just keep walking. Breathe. Finally you reach a clearing, maybe a meadow. In the middle of the clearing is a little lake. Everything is very calm and serene, and you are just standing there. Standing and waiting patiently.

At some point, you sense that an animal is approaching you. It can be a mammal, fish, reptile, bird, or insect. It can be huge, it can be tiny. Now you see it. It is looking at you, watching you.

You know that this is your power animal and not just some animal that pops up in your imagination, when you see it several times. How is it behaving? Is it moving, does it let you see it from different angels? Do you feel a connection in your heart? What does this particular animal mean to you? What is the specific magical support it can give you?

Once you have your power animal, honor and cherish it. Display or create images of it, listen to it, play with it, dance with it. Sense its spirit, tune in to its energetic presence often.

Here are the magical powers of some of the animals, although it is more important what your animal means to you personally.

BEAR: Strength, stamina, introspection, vision.

BEAVER: Building, family, community, security

BEE: Harmony, community, celebration of life

BUTTERFLY: Transformation, change, growth

CAT: The unity of the physical and the spiritual world, magic

DEER: Love, gentleness, sensitivity

DOG: loyalty, unconditional love

DOLPHIN: Freedom, peaceful communication, harmony

EAGLE: Spirit, fearlessness, higher perspective

ELEPHANT: Commitment, family, nurturing, patience

FROG: Healing, cleansing

GIRAFFE: Grounded higher vision

HORSE: Grounded power, freedom, journey

HUMMINGBIRD: Joy, lightness, beauty, and magic

LION: Courage, leadership, strength that come from the heart

MOUSE: Teaches to pay attention to the small things

OWL: Wisdom, at home in the spiritual worlds

RABBIT: Abundance, health, home

SALAMANDER: Transformation, feeling grounded in the present moment

SNAKE: Transmutation, rebirth, healing

TURTLE: Grounding, protective earth energy

WOLF: Teacher, protector, social skills