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Feeling Miserable On Valentine’s Day

Oh, these emotional triggers. If you survived or even enjoyed Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Eve, there is always Valentine’s Day with its huge potential of making you feel miserable.

It’s not always because you are single while the whole wide world has coupled up and is having loads of fun on that particular day (is it really?). It can be something else. For example Disappointment with a capital D. Your significant other forgot completely or believes that some candy bar in a pink wrapper will do. He (she) might have no sense of romance and points out that it’s a corny day invented by Hallmark, and the only sensible thing to do is forgetting it altogether.

Whatever ┬áit is that makes you sad on Valentine’s Day – it almost always ties into older, deeper feelings, often going back into childhood. What is your main emotional issue? Investigate before you start hammering your EFT points with: Even though I hate Valentine’s Day….

If you feel lonely, go back to a time in your life when you felt profoundly lonely and tap on that.
If you feel severely disappointed, go back to a (childhood) incident when you felt that way and tap on that.
If you feel ignored…
If you feel angry…
If you feel betrayed…
If you feel deprived
If you feel sad…
If you feel (whatever it is)….

That’s Valentine’s Day well spent. And you can have your chocolate anyway.

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