Feeling Miserable On Valentine’s Day

Oh, these emotional triggers. If you survived or even enjoyed Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Eve, there is always Valentine’s Day with its huge potential of making you feel miserable. It’s not always because you are single while the whole wide world has coupled up and is having loads of fun on that particular day Continue reading »

New Book by Carna Coming Soon/EFT script

Dear friends, I am about to publish a Kindle book that is the first of a series. It is short, inexpensive, and you probably know that you don’t need a Kindle device to read it. THE SACRED QUEST FOR LOVE Book 1: The Way of The Ugly Duckling It is not an EFT book, but Continue reading »

The Missing Event: A Different Kind of Trauma

Usually, when we think of trauma, or any event that caused emotional pain, we remember something that has happened. It could be as severe as childhood abuse, an illness, a nasty fight with somebody we care about, or a divorce. Have you ever considered that you could be emotionally hurt or traumatized by something that Continue reading »

When You Feel That You Don’t Belong

  Here are some thoughts about the feeling “I don’t belong anywhere, and it hurts so much” with a tapping script. This is an issue that almost all of my clients have. Where does this feeling of not belonging come from? We all feel that way under certain circumstances. However, if it is a very painful feeling Continue reading »

The Spiritual Side of EFT

There is an aspect of EFT that has become more and more important to me over the years as an EFT practitioner: It’s the spiritual dimension of EFT. When Gary Craig put down his ground rules for doing EFT in the early nineties, he did not want this method to become part of the New Continue reading »

Do You Have Panic Attacks? Try EFT

“Melanie” (52), mother of four children, contacted me because of feelings of abandonment and rejection by her mother and unrelenting anger at her. She also mentioned the debilitating panic attacks and the agoraphobia she experiences, mainly when she goes to a supermarket. In fact, she cannot go shopping without her husband at her side. This Continue reading »

Money & Love: Tapping on Financial Troubles

Dear Readers, You have not heard from me for some time. The reason for this is that I got involved with a new adventure: Introducing EFT to the dance community (mainly ballroom). I just finished writing a book about this (“IT TAKE TWO TO TANGO – Achieving Peak Performance in Dancing with EFT”). It will Continue reading »

“Positive” EFT for Maintenance

Want to “tap in” positive phrases? Do this. It is based on John Diamond’s (pre-EFT) book “Life Energy”. He assigned certain characteristics to specific energy meridians, and the wording refers to that.  Use a loose fist or bunched-together fingertips to tap on the middle of the chest. MIDDLE OF CHEST: I have love, faith, trust, gratitude, Continue reading »

Using EFT for Performance Anxiety

They say that most people would rather die than deliver a speech in front of an audience. Well, I don’t believe that. Actually given the choice, I imagine that everybody would approach the podium quickly. However, any time we need to step up and “perform” in public (like speaking, acting, singing, dancing), an amount of Continue reading »

Don’t Tap on Stress Talk!

Do this instead: http://www.eftfree.net/2012/06/02/dont-tap-on-stress-talk-do-this-instead/   …and then read some of the other useful EFT articles on that site.    

The Gifts of Highly Sensitive People

Recently, I re-read Elaine Aron’s groundbreaking book The Highly Sensitive Person. Many of you will recognize themselves as being in that category. You are easily overwhelmed by loud noises, strong smells and crowds of expressive people. You have been labeled as too sensitive as a child, are easily hurt by the negative energy of others, Continue reading »

Getting Down to Business with EFT

Everybody who has put much energy, time, and resources into the business of their dreams and cannot make it work financially knows how extremely frustrating and scary that can be. And everybody who is stuck in an underpaid, boring job is bound to experience negative feelings on a daily basis. Not to mention the stress Continue reading »

Download Free EFT Manual

Just in case you don’t know about this top EFT website, here it is:  www.EFTfree.net  Along with Betty Moore-Hafter, Lynne Shaner, Ange Finn, and Jade Barbee, I am responsible for this site. There are many articles, from Addictions to Weight, written by various EFT practitioners to be found, and every Sunday we add a new one. Continue reading »

Using EFT for Spiritual Growth

Since EFT is such a wonderful method to work from aches to zits on everything, we sometimes forget its awesome spiritual context. Gary Craig who developed EFT, has stated clearly: The main purpose of EFT is to pave the way towards love’s Presence (i.e. Grace). Our physical and emotional wounds tend to distract us from Continue reading »

When Money & Love Are Related

Have you noticed how similar our language patterns are when we talk about the lack of money – and love? Always a struggle…never getting what I want and need…not worthy…this yearning… Maybe it is time to connect the two and tap on this painful “not enough” feeling. Doing EFT, you might discover some connections you Continue reading »

Hurtful Questions You Never Forget

Mothers and fathers can do serious emotional damage to their children by asking them aggressive rhetorical questions. Do any of these remind you of your childhood? – What (the hell) is wrong with you? – Can’t you get anything right? – Why can’t you be more like (Bill, Jane)? – Why do you get more Continue reading »

Want a Heart of Gold?

Check out the new EFT pattern “Heart of Gold” created by Silvia Hartmann. It is simple and empowering on many levels, from the physical to the spiritual. I HAVE A HEART OF GOLD   

Are You Always Trying Too Hard?

If your mother (or father) did not approve of you, criticized you all the time, and generally did not appreciate you for who you are, you tend to try too hard to get it right for the rest of your life. You have a need to be perfect even if it doesn’t matter, you are Continue reading »

Doing EFT on Your Own Effectively

Every EFT practitioner has repeatedly heard something like this: “It goes so well when I work with somebody else. But when I try to tap on my own, I just don’t know what to do and to say.” Here is a great article called Practicing Presence by my friend and colleague, Jade Barbee: He walks you Continue reading »

How to De-stress Quickly with EFT

There are days when your back hurts, the cat throws up in your bed, the car battery dies, your boss is way too bossy, and your emotionally missing mother tells you coldly to get over your childhood sexual abuse. Or something like that. Days when you are stressed out to the max and really, really Continue reading »