New Website, New Blog

Dear Subscribers, I am the owner of the website, and at some point, you all have subscribed to the site’s blog. After this mail, I will suspend posting to that blog. (You do not need to unsubscribe.) The website itself is still up, and if you would like to contact me regarding EFT sessions, please Continue reading »

Finding Inner Peace In Difficult Times

My website is now mobile friendly, so you can visit it using your Smartphone or Tablet. Today is Mother’s Day, and that can be a difficult day for many of us. Here is something that can help, today and on any other day. Building an inner sanctuary, a safe space where we can retreat Continue reading »

Feeling Miserable On Valentine’s Day

Oh, these emotional triggers. If you survived or even enjoyed Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Eve, there is always Valentine’s Day with its huge potential of making you feel miserable. It’s not always because you are single while the whole wide world has coupled up and is having loads of fun on that particular day Continue reading »

Do You Feel Like An Ugly Duckling?

Many of us have felt “ugly” at some time in our lives, mostly in our childhood and adolescence.  That often included disliking our bodies (too fat, too pimpled, too style- challenged…), but what really hurt was the ugly feeling inside: I don’t belong, I don’t fit in, I am not good enough, nobody loves me… Continue reading »

New Book by Carna Coming Soon/EFT script

Dear friends, I am about to publish a Kindle book that is the first of a series. It is short, inexpensive, and you probably know that you don’t need a Kindle device to read it. THE SACRED QUEST FOR LOVE Book 1: The Way of The Ugly Duckling It is not an EFT book, but Continue reading »

Money & Love: Tapping on Financial Troubles

Dear Readers, You have not heard from me for some time. The reason for this is that I got involved with a new adventure: Introducing EFT to the dance community (mainly ballroom). I just finished writing a book about this (“IT TAKE TWO TO TANGO – Achieving Peak Performance in Dancing with EFT”). It will Continue reading »

Happy Mother’s Day (kind of)

Here it comes again: Mother’s Day. For seemingly everybody a day of flowers, gifts, cards, hugs, shared meals, phone calls, tears, smiles…However, for many of us not a happy day. I have to admit, with all the profound EFT work I have done on my own missing mother, this day gets to me, year after Continue reading »

Download Free EFT Manual

Just in case you don’t know about this top EFT website, here it is:  Along with Betty Moore-Hafter, Lynne Shaner, Ange Finn, and Jade Barbee, I am responsible for this site. There are many articles, from Addictions to Weight, written by various EFT practitioners to be found, and every Sunday we add a new one. Continue reading »

Want a Heart of Gold?

Check out the new EFT pattern “Heart of Gold” created by Silvia Hartmann. It is simple and empowering on many levels, from the physical to the spiritual. I HAVE A HEART OF GOLD   

Doing EFT on Your Own Effectively

Every EFT practitioner has repeatedly heard something like this: “It goes so well when I work with somebody else. But when I try to tap on my own, I just don’t know what to do and to say.” Here is a great article called Practicing Presence by my friend and colleague, Jade Barbee: He walks you Continue reading »