New Website, New Blog

Dear Subscribers, I am the owner of the website, and at some point, you all have subscribed to the site’s blog. After this mail, I will suspend posting to that blog. (You do not need to unsubscribe.) The website itself is still up, and if you would like to contact me regarding EFT sessions, please Continue reading »

Finding Inner Peace In Difficult Times

My website is now mobile friendly, so you can visit it using your Smartphone or Tablet. Today is Mother’s Day, and that can be a difficult day for many of us. Here is something that can help, today and on any other day. Building an inner sanctuary, a safe space where we can retreat Continue reading »

Do You Feel Like An Ugly Duckling?

Many of us have felt “ugly” at some time in our lives, mostly in our childhood and adolescence.  That often included disliking our bodies (too fat, too pimpled, too style- challenged…), but what really hurt was the ugly feeling inside: I don’t belong, I don’t fit in, I am not good enough, nobody loves me… Continue reading »

New Book by Carna Coming Soon/EFT script

Dear friends, I am about to publish a Kindle book that is the first of a series. It is short, inexpensive, and you probably know that you don’t need a Kindle device to read it. THE SACRED QUEST FOR LOVE Book 1: The Way of The Ugly Duckling It is not an EFT book, but Continue reading »

The Painful Experience of “Not Belonging”

This is a report, I recently received from one of my clients. She describes an emotional experience that many of you know (I do). With her permission, I am sharing it with you. Last week, I spent about 1.5 hours sitting in a McDonald’s. Why? you would say. Well, I was there earlier in the week and Continue reading »

The Two Faces of Sadness

I have never met anybody who came from a severely dysfunctional family who was not sad. (women express it more openly, men frequently cover it up with anger).  Sadness is not necessarily the same as depression. Depression is a heavy “thing” sitting on top of you. Something is pressing or pulling you down, and there Continue reading »

When You Feel That You Don’t Belong

  Here are some thoughts about the feeling “I don’t belong anywhere, and it hurts so much” with a tapping script. This is an issue that almost all of my clients have. Where does this feeling of not belonging come from? We all feel that way under certain circumstances. However, if it is a very painful feeling Continue reading »

Why We Need Personal Crisis Situations

Crisis: The wind of change in our lives may come as a gentle breeze, nudging us to move on in order to grow and unfold. However, more often than we would like, it arrives as a storm, whirling us around like an autumn leaf. And sometimes the wind of change is a violent tornado that Continue reading »

The Spiritual Side of EFT

There is an aspect of EFT that has become more and more important to me over the years as an EFT practitioner: It’s the spiritual dimension of EFT. When Gary Craig put down his ground rules for doing EFT in the early nineties, he did not want this method to become part of the New Continue reading »

Going from Reacting to Responding

The English language makes a difference between reacting and responding to a person or situation. I find that immensely valuable. Let’s say somebody yells at you (it doesn’t matter why. Usually it isn’t anyway the “real” reason). Here is how you react: You either yell back, or you withdraw (physically and/or emotionally.)  Does that help to Continue reading »

“Positive” EFT for Maintenance

Want to “tap in” positive phrases? Do this. It is based on John Diamond’s (pre-EFT) book “Life Energy”. He assigned certain characteristics to specific energy meridians, and the wording refers to that.  Use a loose fist or bunched-together fingertips to tap on the middle of the chest. MIDDLE OF CHEST: I have love, faith, trust, gratitude, Continue reading »

PLAY – a poem

Here is a poem that I wrote several years ago to myself.  Lately, it became very meaningful to me:   PLAY Freckled clouds snoozing in your hair. Snapdragons breaking through your skin. Dollops of dreams jumping rope on your dog’s nose. You remember, don’t you. It’s all up in the air, isn’t it, you serious Continue reading »

How to Find Your Power Animal

This is not for everybody. However, if you resonate with the concept go ahead and play with it. Power Animals are spirit animals that protect, teach and guide us in our everyday lives. All cultures are familiar with this concept, although we usually connect it with Shamanism. If you are up to it, I recommend that Continue reading »

The Gifts of Highly Sensitive People

Recently, I re-read Elaine Aron’s groundbreaking book The Highly Sensitive Person. Many of you will recognize themselves as being in that category. You are easily overwhelmed by loud noises, strong smells and crowds of expressive people. You have been labeled as too sensitive as a child, are easily hurt by the negative energy of others, Continue reading »

Using EFT for Spiritual Growth

Since EFT is such a wonderful method to work from aches to zits on everything, we sometimes forget its awesome spiritual context. Gary Craig who developed EFT, has stated clearly: The main purpose of EFT is to pave the way towards love’s Presence (i.e. Grace). Our physical and emotional wounds tend to distract us from Continue reading »

Want a Heart of Gold?

Check out the new EFT pattern “Heart of Gold” created by Silvia Hartmann. It is simple and empowering on many levels, from the physical to the spiritual. I HAVE A HEART OF GOLD   

So, Why Do We Suffer So Much Again?

When I talk with my EFT clients about their core emotional issues and the painful feelings they have on a daily basis, they tell me this: – They don’t feel safe in this world – They have no real home, they don’t belong – They feel isolated, disconnected, and alone – They feel abandoned and rejected Continue reading »

And Then There Is “Emotional Entitlement”

There is something that has been bothering me for a while, I want to call it “emotional entitlement”. While, sadly,  many people are still struggling with feelings of worthlessness, low self-esteem, and “What’s wrong with me?”, the other side of this coin seems to gain momentum.  There are  people who believe that God, the Universe, the Continue reading »

Since When Is “Spiritual” Just Being Good?

How bad are you really? What lurks in the dark corners of your mind? You will be surprised and rewarded when you actually go there…  Isn’t if funny when you have the same theme come up with several clients in a row?It happened to me lately. It was basically about: “I should not have these Continue reading »

Overcoming an Obstacle

Using creative imagination is a powerful tool for stress relief. Regain inner balance and emotional wellness by going to your “inner spa” and removing obstacles and barriers to your goals. Make yourself comfortable. Close your eyes and go into deep relaxation.When you are ready, imagine a golden castle somewhere in the distance. This dazzling, glowing building is Continue reading »