Missing Mother

Releasing the Pain of Childhood Abandonment, Neglect, and Rejection

Don’t Tap on Stress Talk!

Do this instead: http://www.eftfree.net/2012/06/02/dont-tap-on-stress-talk-do-this-instead/   …and then read some of the other useful EFT articles on that site.    

How to Find Your Power Animal

This is not for everybody. However, if you resonate with the concept go ahead and play with it. Power Animals are spirit animals that protect, teach and guide us in our everyday lives. All cultures are familiar with this concept, although we usually connect it with Shamanism. If you are up to it, I recommend that Continue reading »

The Gifts of Highly Sensitive People

Recently, I re-read Elaine Aron’s groundbreaking book The Highly Sensitive Person. Many of you will recognize themselves as being in that category. You are easily overwhelmed by loud noises, strong smells and crowds of expressive people. You have been labeled as too sensitive as a child, are easily hurt by the negative energy of others, Continue reading »

Happy Mother’s Day (kind of)

Here it comes again: Mother’s Day. For seemingly everybody a day of flowers, gifts, cards, hugs, shared meals, phone calls, tears, smiles…However, for many of us not a happy day. I have to admit, with all the profound EFT work I have done on my own missing mother, this day gets to me, year after Continue reading »

Getting Down to Business with EFT

Everybody who has put much energy, time, and resources into the business of their dreams and cannot make it work financially knows how extremely frustrating and scary that can be. And everybody who is stuck in an underpaid, boring job is bound to experience negative feelings on a daily basis. Not to mention the stress Continue reading »

Download Free EFT Manual

Just in case you don’t know about this top EFT website, here it is:  www.EFTfree.net  Along with Betty Moore-Hafter, Lynne Shaner, Ange Finn, and Jade Barbee, I am responsible for this site. There are many articles, from Addictions to Weight, written by various EFT practitioners to be found, and every Sunday we add a new one. Continue reading »

Using EFT for Spiritual Growth

Since EFT is such a wonderful method to work from aches to zits on everything, we sometimes forget its awesome spiritual context. Gary Craig who developed EFT, has stated clearly: The main purpose of EFT is to pave the way towards love’s Presence (i.e. Grace). Our physical and emotional wounds tend to distract us from Continue reading »

When Money & Love Are Related

Have you noticed how similar our language patterns are when we talk about the lack of money – and love? Always a struggle…never getting what I want and need…not worthy…this yearning… Maybe it is time to connect the two and tap on this painful “not enough” feeling. Doing EFT, you might discover some connections you Continue reading »

Hurtful Questions You Never Forget

Mothers and fathers can do serious emotional damage to their children by asking them aggressive rhetorical questions. Do any of these remind you of your childhood? – What (the hell) is wrong with you? – Can’t you get anything right? – Why can’t you be more like (Bill, Jane)? – Why do you get more Continue reading »

Want a Heart of Gold?

Check out the new EFT pattern “Heart of Gold” created by Silvia Hartmann. It is simple and empowering on many levels, from the physical to the spiritual. I HAVE A HEART OF GOLD   

Are You Always Trying Too Hard?

If your mother (or father) did not approve of you, criticized you all the time, and generally did not appreciate you for who you are, you tend to try too hard to get it right for the rest of your life. You have a need to be perfect even if it doesn’t matter, you are Continue reading »

So, Why Do We Suffer So Much Again?

When I talk with my EFT clients about their core emotional issues and the painful feelings they have on a daily basis, they tell me this: – They don’t feel safe in this world – They have no real home, they don’t belong – They feel isolated, disconnected, and alone – They feel abandoned and rejected Continue reading »

Doing EFT on Your Own Effectively

Every EFT practitioner has repeatedly heard something like this: “It goes so well when I work with somebody else. But when I try to tap on my own, I just don’t know what to do and to say.” Here is a great article called Practicing Presence by my friend and colleague, Jade Barbee: He walks you Continue reading »

How to De-stress Quickly with EFT

There are days when your back hurts, the cat throws up in your bed, the car battery dies, your boss is way too bossy, and your emotionally missing mother tells you coldly to get over your childhood sexual abuse. Or something like that. Days when you are stressed out to the max and really, really Continue reading »

Rendezvous with Cupid

I had a long heart-to-heart talk with Cupid about LOVE.  We agreed that it actually has nothing to do with chocolates in heart-shaped boxes. (although I am a chocoholic). And it does not make you happy automatically. In fact, it can pierce your heart, sadden and scare you. When did love hurt you for the Continue reading »

And Then There Is “Emotional Entitlement”

There is something that has been bothering me for a while, I want to call it “emotional entitlement”. While, sadly,  many people are still struggling with feelings of worthlessness, low self-esteem, and “What’s wrong with me?”, the other side of this coin seems to gain momentum.  There are  people who believe that God, the Universe, the Continue reading »

EFT For Feeling Not Good Enough

Men and women who had an absent father or a missing mother (physically or emotionally) in their childhood, often feel not good enough. EFT protocol for tapping on “I am not good enough”. Continue working on your personal memories, emotions, and body sensations. KARATE CHOP Even though I never feel good enough, I deeply and Continue reading »

Since When Is “Spiritual” Just Being Good?

How bad are you really? What lurks in the dark corners of your mind? You will be surprised and rewarded when you actually go there…  Isn’t if funny when you have the same theme come up with several clients in a row?It happened to me lately. It was basically about: “I should not have these Continue reading »

Releasing a Craving for Sweets

Food cravings often come from happy memories that are stuck in time. If you seperate the positive emotion from the food, the craving disappears.   34-year old Vivian (not her real name) wanted to get rid of her intense craving for sweets. Not only did she need to lose weight, but all that sugary stuff Continue reading »